La Princesse de Clèves

A concert and reading based on the masterpiece of Madame de La Fayette...

Brochures and technical specifications

"The Princess of Cleves is part of a small number of French novels that, for some reason, are always current. That not only signifies that the story, the characters, and the moral still speak to us and that they are likely to arouse our passions and emotions, and that this novel for more than three centuries has regularly found a public, even little numerous, to whom it has importance, sometimes even unreasonably; that also signifies, more strangely, that for each epoch, it has been, as it was at its publication, a sort of issue."

Laurence PlazenetFaenza proposes to have us hear in this concert-reading what our contemporaries have often well forgotten, and what the reading public of the 17th century - who were often reading out loud – were able to have as background sound in their ears, contributing to their sensitivity to the work.

• Marco Horvat : vocals, theorbo, Baroque guitar
• Olga Pitarch: vocals
• Texts read by Marco Horvat

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Translations by Sally Gordon Mark

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