With the Ecovanavoce ensemble

The Metamorphoses project was conceived when Ecovanavoce, an Italian ensemble, and Faenza met in Rome. Coming from different backgrounds – cross-over music for one, early music for the other - but sharing the same artistic vision and deep affinities, they combined their means and gave birth to a project that breathes new life into the most beautiful pieces of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque repertoires, treating them as "standards" and drawing on the styles and performance practices of contemporary music. In doing that, they propose a different approach to early repertoires, giving this music a second wind, just as traditional music the world over has been reborn in new forms for a long time.

  • Music by d'Ambruys, Bellerofonte Castaldi, Guillaume Dufay, Guillaume de Machaut, Tarquinio Merula, and Gilles Binchois
  • Arrangements by Paolo Fontana and Fabio Lorenzi

Faenza, under the direction of Marco Horvat

  • Marco HORVAT : vocals, theorbo
  • Paolo FONTANA : Renaissance guitar, viol
  • Bruno HELSTROFFER :  electric guitar
  • Fabio LORENZI : acoustic guitars
  • Jean-Philippe MOREL : electric bass
  • Carlo TRAVIERSO : soprano saxophone, harmonica
  • Lucrezio DE SETA : drums
  • Frédéric BOILEAU : lighting
  • Sébastien NAVES : sound

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Translations by Sally Gordon Mark

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