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Marco Horvat’s Song Book: A self-accompanied voice recital

Marco Horvat is one of the rare contemporary performers to have taken up the torch of the traditional lute singer.  In the course of the years, he has developed his own repertory, dipping into French and Italian sources of the 17th century, with a natural predilection for the two masters of this art, Giulio Caccini in Italy and Michel Lambert in France.

Horvat's “Song Book,” offered to us here, is inspired by precious manuscripts compiled by anonymous performers in the 17th century.

 He has placed within it his favoritesongs and instrumental pieces: those which have accompanied him for many decades and whose appeal has resisted getting worn out by repeated playing over the years, and those to which all sorts of audiences have warmly responded. Although this music was created for aristocratic circles, it can speak today to everyone, adults or children, connoisseurs or neophytes, the rich or the poor, because, Marco Horvat is convinced of it, the only genuine aristocracy is that of the heart.

  • Music byHonoré d’Ambruys, Joseph Chabanceau de la Barre, Gabriel Bataille, Giulio Caccini, Bellerofonte Castaldi, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Charles Hurel, Girolamo Kapsberger, Michel Lambert, Tarquinio Merula, Carlo Milanuzzi, Guglielmo Miniscalchi and Barbara Strozzi

  • Marco HORVAT : Vocals, theorbo and Baroque guitar


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Translations by Sally Gordon Mark

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