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Faenza enjoys travelling across the countryside, often playing out-of-the ordinary programs, as much as it does performing at international festivals and in large concert halls, such as these in France: 

  • La Cité de la Musique
  • l'Automne musical de Versailles
  • Le Festival Bach d'Arques-la-Bataille
  • Le Festival baroque de Pontoise
  • Le Festival de Lanvellec
  • Les Flâneries musicales de Reims
  • La Comète, scène nationale de Châlons
  • Le Festival d'Avignon

In other European countries, prestigious festivals they have performed in include:

  • La Semana de Musica Antigua de Estella (Spain)
  • I Teatri di Pietra (Italy)
  • Mazovia goes Baroque (Poland)
  • Musica Antica Antonio il Verso (Italy)
  • Musica Antigua de Gijon (Spain)
  • Musikfestspiele (Germany)
  • Oude Muziek (Holland)
  • Suona Francese (Italy)
  • The Bruges Early Music Festival (Belgium)
  • The Copenhagen Renaissance Festival (Denmark)
  • Villa Musica (Germany)

Faenza has developed an artistic approach that on the one hand favors programs of diminutive dimensions in which the music is conveyed in settings conceived for intimacy (Le Salon de Musique) and on the other hand juxtaposes early music with contemporary styles, as seen in their show with electrically-amplified Baroque pieces set in modern arrangements (Métamorphoses). Between these two extremes, Faenza also produces musical shows with costumes and sets, staged concerts (La Semaine Mystique) and "traditional" early music concerts (Amorosa Fenice, Il Giardino di Giulio Caccini, ll Mazzetto di Fiori, La Conversation, Les Chants de Charlatans and Les Madrigaux et Sonates de Giovanni Zamboni Romano).     

FAENZA has recorded four CDs: Il Giardino di Giulio Caccini (Alpha), a recital; La Semaine Mystique (Alpha), devotional music composed during the reign of Louis XIII; Les Musiques de l'Astrée (Alpha), polyphonic court airs, and Amorosa Fenice (agOgique), dedicated to the rediscovery of the works of Giulio San Pietro de' Negri.

Since 2008, Faenza has been the ensemble in residence at the Théâtre Louis Jouvet in Rethel (a theatre endorsed by the Champagne-Ardenne region). In 2012, it became the resident ensemble of the Ardennes region (Givet, Fumay, Revin, Sedan and Rethel) and then In 2014, Faenza was named the resident ensemble of the University of Reims-Champagne-Ardenne (URCA).

FAENZA is endorsed and supported with grants by the Champagne-Ardenne region of France.

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Translations by Sally Gordon Mark

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