Polichinelle and Orpheus in Hell

After having triumphed in Avignon, Polichinelle sets off for the Ambronay Festival to give a performance for all ages on Sunday, September 25th at 3 PM, and then two school performances on Monday, September 26th. The next occasions to see Polichinelle, Orpheus and Eurydice will only be possible next February and April, so it’s up to you!

Polichinelle vs. Orfeo in the Ring at Avignon

My Lord Spectator,

Since the new President of the Republic, the former President of the Republic, the new Prime Minister, the former Prime Minister, the Opposition, the Majority, the Right, the Left, the Extreme Right, the Extreme Left, the System, the Anti-System, all the new, the former and future Mighty of the Universe put it into their heads to bark speeches at you on so many different subjects, don't think badly of me, Polichinelle, the new Self-Proclaimed Artistic Director of the ensemble Faenza, if I come piss on the wall of your attention and inundate it with a flood of words!

Faenza on Radio France

If you missed the excellent emission on Sunday of Karine Le Bail, "Un air d'histoire," with Anne-Madeleine Goulet and the Faenza ensemble, you can listen to the podcast here. You will hear about the fascinating Princess des Ursins and you will discover some rare works by the Roman composer, Ercole Bernabei, which we certainly count on recording for agOgique one of these days. Happy listening!



The show, "Polichinelle défie les Dieux" (Polichinelle defies the Gods) has now seen the day after intense work. We have just given five premieres before very varied audiences: high-school students, elementary-school students, and adults. Each time the success was... different, never in fact the same, since the show depends on the audience above all, the fourth actor of our comedy of signboards. We have indeed found again, in adapting it to our troubled epoch, the joyful and transgressive spirit of the actors and marionettists of the annual fair theaters.

Ave Cezary !

Early music... for dummies?

It's a pleasure every time I run into Cezary Zych who, through hell or high water, organizes a number of musical events every year in Poland (you know, that little European country where women are now demonstrating so that their right to abortion is not taken away from them...). Always a tease, he told me he reads with pleasure my "political" stands in certain Faenza newsletters.

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