The show, "Polichinelle défie les Dieux" (Polichinelle defies the Gods) has now seen the day after intense work. We have just given five premieres before very varied audiences: high-school students, elementary-school students, and adults. Each time the success was... different, never in fact the same, since the show depends on the audience above all, the fourth actor of our comedy of signboards. We have indeed found again, in adapting it to our troubled epoch, the joyful and transgressive spirit of the actors and marionettists of the annual fair theaters.

A big bravo to the marvelous ensemble which gave itself heart and soul to bring this show into existence:

• Olga Pitarch : vocals, spinet
• Marco Horvat : vocals, Baroque guitar, theorbo
• Nicolas Gousseff : marionettist
• Mathieu Enderlin : production design
• Einat Landais : decor and marionettes
• Sévil Gregory : decor assistance
• Sarah Bartesaghi Gallo : costumes
• Simona Grassano : costume assistance
• Paco Galan : lighting design and direction
• Benjamin Martineau : lighting director
• Alexandre Verbrugghe : production administrator

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Translations by Sally Gordon Mark

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