Dassoucy participe aussi !

Dear friends,

Over a week ago, Faenza launched a campaign of participatory financing for the realization of a CD, dedicated to the Airs à 4 parties of Charles Dassoucy. We had never up until now called on this way of financing, but because this project has just knocked on our door unexpectedly, we need your help to bring it to fruition.

Two years ago in fact, the harpsichordist and researcher Frédéric Mistral let us kow about a manuscript containing the « superius » missing from Dassoucy’s Airs à quatre parties, published by Ballard in 1653. The manusript had just been given to the Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal in Paris. My involvement in all this is that I had been waiting for this miracle for many years: the extraordinary and in great part autobiographical writings of Dassoucy — burlesque poet, theorbist, novelist and composer — having for a long time been at my bedside table, I regularly complained to myself that all his music was lost.

All? No! The three lower voices of his 1653 Airs, published in separate parts, were available in different librairies, but had proved useless in the absence of the treble part.

Thanks to the transcripts that Frédéric Michel and Nathalie Berton-Blivet (IReMus, Institut de Recherche en Musicologie) graciously put at our disposal, we were able to appreciate the musical and historic interest of this corpus very quickly and from then on, it seemed impossible not to change around our production schedule and insert this extraordinary project. It is to help us in welcoming this « unexpected guest » that we need your support, and that of your friends and acquaintances.

Your participation in our project will give you the privilege of being the first to hear this extraordinary music, even before the official release of the compact disc, expected in February 2019.

Meet us on our project page, where you will be able to see a clip of us recording the air, « Doux objet de mes sens ».

Cordially and musically yours,

Marco Horvat et l’équipe de Faenza

With Marco Horvat, Sarah Lefeuvre, Daniela Maltrain, Francisco Mañalich, Cyrille Métivier, Aude-Marie Piloz, Saskia Salembier, Emmanuel Vistorky.

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Translations by Sally Gordon Mark

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