The Four Savors of Love

Style Exercises in Four Languages

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As in Les Exercices de Style, the famous book by Raymond Queneau, style is everything! Our story – that of the classic love triangle, handled in the vaudeville genre and in the setting of a cabaret where the public is comfortably seated at a table in front of a glass – will be recounted four times in a row, in four different languages: French first, then Spanish, English and Italian. Each time, the characters, their tones, their languages, and their music will conform to the country evoked. Four countries, four cultures; four tastes. We will explore the differences between France (sugary), Spain (salty), England (bitter) and Italy (acidic). Each time, we will serve a small aperitif, its savor evoking a country, giving an occasion to take a gustatory trip in musical Baroque space and time that the audience will appreciate, not only with their eyes and ears, but also with their palates..

The occasion certainly to discover unique music, full of charm, finesse and spirit, rarely lacking in humor or irony. The three singers-instrumentalists-actors of Faenza have had a rapport together for a long time and are adept at creating a complicity with the public in a way that opens the doors of the Baroque repertoire to all ears. The occasion also to taste this Europe of the Enlightenment, concerned with pleasure and of humor, about which we care so much.

Marco Horvat: vocals, theorbo, Baroque guitar
Francisco Mañalich: vocals, bass viol, Baroque guitar
Olga Pitarch: vocals, castanets

Music by Michel Lambert, Sébastien le Camus, Antoine Boesset, Enrico Radesca di Foggia, Juan Hidalgo, Marin Marais, Henry Purcell, Tobias Hume, Giovanni Ghizzolo, Sigismundo d’India, and Guglielmo Miniscalchi,


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Translations by Sally Gordon Mark

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