Some press reviews of "Madrigaux et Sonates de Giovanni Zamboni:"

"The instrumental ensemble indulges itself in a variety of timbres rarely combined: archlute, Baroque guitar, triple harp, and harpsichord, as well as a bass viol. In the guise of interludes, madrigal transcriptions are intermingled with sonatas remarkably interpreted by Marco Horvat on the archlute. The vocal quartet are up-to-date aesthetically, placing these late matrigals in the dawn of nascent Classicism, with a deliberately enormous palette of color."

Classica - February 2016 - four stars, Jérémie Bigorie.

"Only a Marco Horvat, part of the rare fraternity of singer-lutists and courageous pioneers, could resuscitate this work. The beautiful chaconne gives itself in counterpart to the guitar of Charles-Edouard Fantin, the archlute [se dote] with lively mid- and low-range notes. Olga Pitarch, Lucile Richardot, Jeffrey Thompson, Emmanuel Vistorky and a sustained bass continuo unite in a fervor that is never restrained, more dramatic than sensuous."

Diapason - - February 2016 – five diapasons, Sophie ROUGHOL


"The soloists' voices fit together perfectly. Each holds his own part and all are remarkably complementary. Clearly, team spirit prevails. But the individual talents are not hidden as a result. Thus, Olga Pitarch holds the melodic line firmly and somewhat dominates the "quartet" by her clear timbre and her strong presence. Emmanual Vistorky is remarkable in the bass notes and effectively punctuates the most dramatic passages. Jeffrey Thompson and Lucile Richardot 'contest vocal registers that are very close, but complement each other perfectly, one in the lower notes, the other in the treble. Instrumentalists and soloists show an incredible capacity to re-create, by their perfect accord, different states in a transfixed lover's soul and to make us feel them.

BaroquiadeS - February 28, 2016, Michel BOESCH

The voices are rich, timbred and perfectly matched, one feels in the great expressive waves a common impetus and a habit of singing together... Here in every instance is a disc rich in plucked strings: Charles-Edouard Fantin and Marco Horvat: teorbes, archlutes, guitars, Elisabeth Geiger on harpsichord and Maria Christina Cleary on harp, who transcribed two very appropriate madrigals for her instrument. For Zamboni's lute pieces, Charles-Edouard Fantin has sometimes invented some very successful counterpoints and Marco, some elegant "doubles." As for l'Arpeggio of Sonata VIII, it frankly recalls Weiss! With these two experienced lutists, we can only be (overwhelmed by beautiful sonorities, with expressive phrases, and with fertile imaginations in the continuo! And bravo to Marco Horvat, at once lutist, soloist, researcher and ensemble conductor in this project!"

Société Française de Luth - Winter 15/16, Pascale BOQUET

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