Faenza's new CD: Amorosa Fenice (Amorous Phoenix)

« Very quickly one is struck by the inventive richness of this largely unknown composer, which makes him the equal of the greatest amid his contemporaries. Most of the selected airs are taken from the two known volumes of Grazie ed affetti (1613-14). In all this music, there is something vernal, lively, and bounding with energy. Even when these airs do not exude joy, the vibrancy is still present. The diversity in the association of voices and instruments assures a constant variety from one track to another of this disc; each new listening is a source of delight. »

Laurent Bury, Music-opera.com, October 6, 2014

« The ensemble Faenza imposes itself right away with its precise diction, its volubility, its vocal suppleness, the balance between voice and accompaniment, its sense of the dialogue between the singers and the instruments; also by the virtuosity of the instruments (the recorder...) and, in a general manner, its care in the precise figurative musical translation of the images and the sentiments of the text. »

Édith Weber, L'Education Musicale, October 2014 

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Autumn 2014: the French record label agOgique released Amorosa Fenice, , which pays tribute to the rediscovered works of Giulio San Pietro de' Negri.

Of all the fascinating but nearly forgotten figures who populated the world of Italian monody in the first half of the 17th century, Giulio San Pietro de' Negri is probably one of the most interesting. He published at least 11 volumes of profane and sacred vocal music between 1605 and 1620. This body of work includes a good number of astonishingly original pieces, even in the context of the rather experimental standards of the era.


  • Marco Horvat:  direction, vocals, theorbo, Baroque guitar, lira da gamba
  • Olga Pitarch:  soprano
  • Brigitte Vinson:  mezzo-soprano
  • Jeffrey Thompson:  tenor
  • Emmanuel Vistorky:  bass
  • Magali Imbert:  recorders, tambourine
  • Pierre Hamon:  recorders
  • Christine Plubeau:  treble and bass viols
  • Charles-Édouard Fantin:  lute, theorbo, Baroque guitar
  • Matthieu Boutineau:  harpsichord, clavicytherium, lautenwerk

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Translations by Sally Gordon Mark

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