new record : Les Airs à quatre parties du Sieur Dassoucy

I am very proud to be able to announce the official release, at Hortus Publishing, of our CD  « Les Airs à quatre parties du Sieur Dassoucy ».

I had been hoping for years that a musicologist would find even a few pieces of the extravagant character that was Charles Coypeau Dassoucy. Poet, traveler, novelist, friend of Molière, friend and then enemy of Chapel and Cyrano, he was also lutenist, theorbist - one of the first to play in France of this instrument - and composer.

Only his "four-part tunes" of 1653 had reached us but ... without their part of "Dessus." It was Frédéric Michel who spotted first, two years ago, the missing part, and who told us about it. Thanks to him !

I directly take the project to decipher and record these wonderful polyphonies did not take long to set up, with the help of Frédéric Michel for transcriptions, Nathalie Berton (Iremus) for the edition, Patrice Boinet for logistics, the Museum of Hiéron Paray-le-Monial for the recording, the ADAMI, the FCM (Fund for Musical Creation) and generous private donors for funding.

The music of Charles Dassoucy can finally resonate in our ears and this is only justice, because our man has waited too long for posterity to give him the musical homage he deserves.

With Sarah Lefeuvre (vocals and flute), Saskia Salembier (vocals and violin), Francisco Mañalich (vocals and violas), Emmanuel Vistorky (vocals), Marco Horvat (theorbo, guitar, viola, vocals), Aude-Marie Piloz (viola) , Daniela Maltrain (viol) and Cyrille Métivier (artistic direction of the recording).

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Translations by Sally Gordon Mark

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