Résidence, résidence...

A beautiful success for this last year of Faenza's residence at the Université Reims Champagne Ardenne.

After the first semester dedicated to the reading of sources and then passing to interpretation notation for 17th-century music, students registered for the second-semester workshop worked on the preparation of a staged concert, dedicated to Le Carnaval, a divertissement by Jean-Baptiste Lully. Instrumentalists (modern, for the most part) and singers, they worked on the original edition of 1675, reading directly from the source or transcribing it themselves.

With the help of Tiffany Puissant, a literature student who had handled the theatrical project last year, we staged the concert, given at the end of the session in the magnificent Musée Saint-Rémi de Reims, whose doors were generously opened to us by the crew, who treated us very warmly. Faenza's group was composed of six singers and instrumentalists, supported by the very beautiful harpsichord which Brice Sailly, our harpsichordist, generously loaned.

We found ourselves once again with a great deal of pleasure at the Palais du Tau for the concert of Faenza which opened this (sequence) in Saint-Rémi.


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