In May, make the music that you like!

This month, the Pays des Abbayes in Lorraine welcomed us in the Vosges, in the framework of a three-year residence, started this year with enormous pleasure and enthusiasm. In the exquisite little church of Saint Jean d'Ormont, to which its municipality very kindly trusted us with the keys (even going so far as to stop the traffic so we would have peace and quiet for five days!), we recorded a colorful program: Le Délire des Lyres, with Francisco Mañalich and Marco Horvat, who both sung, while accompanying themselves on a great number of instruments.

Résidence, résidence...

A beautiful success for this last year of Faenza's residence at the Université Reims Champagne Ardenne.

Le Carnaval - a university residence creation

Faenza's two-year residency at the Université Reims Champagne Ardenne is now coming to an end!

Some press reviews of "Madrigaux et Sonates de Giovanni Zamboni:"

"The instrumental ensemble indulges itself in a variety of timbres rarely combined: archlute, Baroque guitar, triple harp, and harpsichord, as well as a bass viol. In the guise of interludes, madrigal transcriptions are intermingled with sonatas remarkably interpreted by Marco Horvat on the archlute. The vocal quartet are up-to-date aesthetically, placing these late matrigals in the dawn of nascent Classicism, with a deliberately enormous palette of color."

Lets open and get some air !

New Year Wishes from the Artistic Director...

It was already difficult last year to formulate my New Year wishes: I have even more difficulty doing it this year. 2015 was full of pain, and in this month of January, just beginning, I can only offer you a superficial optimism. I have to try then something else for 2016.

To be perfectly honest in formulating these wishes, it seems to me that I must come from the profound hopelessness which forms me more than it takes hold of me, and from the implacable observation that the human being is certainly the most destructive animal living on this planet, capable – we know it – of the worst abominations: violence, aggression, flattery, dishonesty, ugliness, thoughtlessness, rigidity, blindness, perversity, pettiness...

The list is long, interminable in truth, and each person can add his own nightmares to it, but I am persuaded that all these aberrations can be summed up in one: stupidity. This strange quality particular to man–as much as the laugh which does not lack an odd relationship with it – we all have it in us, and it depends neither on our intelligence nor on our cultural level: it is elsewhere that its origin has to be searched. So much "elsewhere" besides, that it is not easy to define it and yet its deepened study would probably be the science which would advance most the understanding of human nature.

A New Creation - Le Délire des Lyres

Discover our last creation of 2015, featuring Marco Horvat and Francisco Mañalich...

"Le Délire des Lyres," a quartet for two, made possible thanks to the talent of our artists who have achieved the status of singers... and of instrumentalists (viola da gamba, Baroque guitar, theorbo, lira)!

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